Why choose us

• Our litigation department is not a replica of any other litigation department – and neither are our litigators.
• We at Cindi Attorneys are passionate about what we do. Every mandate is a challenge for which we seek an inspired solution. We are accessible to you at short notice to advise you on all issues confronting you.

What we offer

Advising and representing companies, shareholders, directors and individuals in issues of corporate governance, shareholder disputes, directors duties in regard to South African commercial and company law;

Contractual Disputes

• Advice and litigation in respect of insurance law, specialising in short term policies;
• Representing parties in intellectual property such as, trademark, copyrights and design litigation;
• Advising and representing on all aspects of partnership disputes;
• Advising and representing pension funds in litigation with their members;
• Representing sporting and entertainment personalities in enquiries
• Representing clients in respect of property litigation relating to land sales, transfers, compliance with contractual formalities and related issues;
• Advising and representing in all areas of banking litigation;
• Advising and representing client in all areas of labour law

We consult with other laws firms which we work in association with as well as the leading council to ensure that all experts in other business areas are involved, to ensure that all implications are considered and catered for in the solution to the matter.

It is for these reasons that we believe that we can cater to all your legal needs.